Read about the way in which the TPA works with a variety of people so they can overcome the barriers which are holding them back and reach their potential and live stable, resilient, productive lives and to give something back to their community.


Kaz has written TPA a note of thanks and sent us her artwork to share as a gift for the work we have done with her.

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Tony has overcome anxiety and depression and found the confidence to start to help others and update his skills for the workplace

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Aabid has worked with the TPA to find an English course and improve his housing situation

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How Emma started working on improving her mental health, sorting her finances and developing a path back into employment after having her benefits withdrawn.

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How AD managed to build on their creativity to find new friends, interests and a sense of direction

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Meet the people we work with… Laura (VIDEO)

Meet Laura, who has been working with one of our key workers for just over a year. She meets with us and tells us what she is looking forward to in 2018, and how the help she has received from The Prevention Alliance has empowered her to make these achievements and goals.

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Mark has worked with our Community Connectors and Westbrook in Stockport to overcome his social anxiety and pick up a whole new range of creative hobbies and interests. His sister is the first to benefit…

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Q&A with Roger who has been working with TPA over the last few months and has overcome an alcohol problem and social anxiety to become a keen allotmenteer

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Find out how Kate has stabilised her life working alongside our TPA keyworkers.

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