Travel and Transport

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At The Prevention Alliance, we can offer lots of support in regards to transport and travel.
This can cover many different areas such as 1-2-1 travel training with a keyworker, the keyworker will assist you on becoming confident and knowledgeable about using public transport independently.

We also provide support around accessing different organisations that offer travel assistance, we have the contact details for organisations such as Easy Go Community Transport, Stockport Car Scheme, Ring and Ride, Marple Christian Care, Patient Transport and many more.
The TPA can help you to get in touch with these organisations and support you with the application or registration process. We can assist you with making phone calls or helping you to access online services and fill in application forms, if you are feeling unsure or unconfident.

If you are eligible for a Blue Badge due to a disability, the TPA would be able to assist you in the application process. The Blue Badge no longer accept applications over the phone as it is completed online. This may feel daunting for some people, however our keyworkers are here to help you. We can meet you at your local library to use their computers and assist you step by step with the application form online.
If you find the use of Taxi’s convenient for your travel needs but can find them costly, the TPA would be able to help you check if you are eligible to apply for taxi vouchers. These are available based upon your mobility needs and if you are in receipt of certain benefits.

The Prevention Alliance are happy to support you with finding out the best form of transport to suit you and your personal needs. We can go through all of the available options with you and help you decide which would be most appropriate and then work with you to help you apply or register with the organisation.

To find out more, please click on the links below

Support through TPA 1-2-1 travel training sessions

TPA keyworkers can provide travel training sessions with their clients. If a client is in need of help getting to work, voluntary or social activities but feels unsure or unconfident about the travel route or travelling alone initially, keyworkers are there to offer their support. They can meet you at your home or at the bus stop/train station, they can assist you in knowing the bus/train timetable, which stop to get the bus/train from and how to flag a bus at the bus stop.

They will assist you on the journey itself, helping you with what to ask the bus driver or train conductor for (tickets, destination). They can help you to locate landmarks along the route so you are always aware of your location and surroundings and they will assist you with when the best time to press the button on the bus is.

They can also help with road and traffic awareness, the safest place to cross the road and helping you with the walk to your destination.

Setting up transport for appointments

If you struggle to get to and from appointments, or feel unable to make appointments because you do not have any means of transport. The TPA are able to get in touch with relevant organisations that provide free or reduce price transport. Keyworkers can help you in applying for transport support and help you with any relevant application forms, phone calls or checking if you meet eligibility for criteria.


The WIN are an organisation that can provide community transport through Easy Go Community Transport and the Stockport Car Scheme.

This service is fantastic for those who struggle to use public transport and want to remain active and social in the community and their personal life. Their website offers all the information surrounding the organisation and what they can offer individuals. on this link, there is a contact form to complete which is for enquiries into the transport offered by the WIN.


Easy Go Community Transport and Stockport Car Scheme

Easy Go Community Transport offer vehicles that are specially adapted to accommodate different types of wheelchairs and the Stockport Car Scheme have volunteer drivers who use their own vehicles for the clients.

They aim to assist people to live a fully functioning life, therefore they are able to pick up and drop off at your home, day centres, hospital appointments, visiting friends or family.

Stockport Car Scheme can also assist people with their shopping, therefore you would be picked up, assisted around the shop and then taken home again.

Ring and Ride

Ring and Ride are an organisation that offer free or low cost travel to destinations that are up to six miles from your home, as long as it is within Greater Manchester. When there are mitigating circumstances, you may be able to be taken farther than six miles, for example a hospital appointment. The buses are adapted to pick up various sized wheelchairs and all drivers are trained in disability awareness.

There are some criteria to be eligible for the Ring and Ride service, to use Ring & Ride you must:
• have a TfGM Concessionary Disabled Person Pass; or
• have a Concessionary Plus Pass; or
• have a TfGM Over-60 Concessionary Pass, and be 70 or over, and have difficulty walking; or
• use TfGM travel vouchers

Only people who meet one or more of the above criteria are eligible to use Ring & Ride.

Registration is necessary before you book a journey with Ring and Ride, this is free of charge and can be done via online , telephone Phone: 0161 200 6011 or 0845 688 4933, or print out a form an post to print out a registration form and write to:

Floor 20,
53 Portland Street
M1 3LD

Your TPA keyworker is able to assist you in any method of registration if you feel unsure of what to do or what information is needed.

Marple Christian Care for transport for medical appointments

If you are in need of transport to any medical or dental appointments but are unable to access public transport due to illness or disability then Marple Christian Care can offer transport that is free of charge.

You can find out more information about this service, or book this service by calling into the Marple Library on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday between 10:00am and 12:30pm or telephone 0161 449 0829.

Patient Transport (The North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust)

This service is available to help patients who live in the Greater Manchester area to get to and from their non-emergency medical appointments. You may be entitled to use this service if you have a clinical or medical condition that disables you from accessing other means of transport to attend your appointment.

The appropriate transport will be allocated based on a selection of eligibility questions; this will determine whether you meet the criteria. If you do meet the criteria, then you would need to contact the Stockport contact centre Hours: Mon – Fri 8:00am – 6:00pm

  • Tel:0800 092 4020
  • Tel: 0161 947 0770

You will need to have to hand, your NHS number, any information regarding your mobility, if you need company for any of your appointments and if there are any other requirements that are needed. This will make the process a lot easier and quicker if you have this information ready before the initial phone call.

For any following appointments, your clinic should be then able to arrange this for you.


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