Here you can find stories of people who have worked with TPA. We hope this helps to bring our work to life.

My TPA Keyworker has drastically changed my life for the better. She has changed where I live but more importantly changed the way I view myself. She has given me the confidence to live my life without fear and with the utmost positivity and confidence. It would be true to say that she genuinely saved my life.


Mark had experienced depression for a long time and had suicidal thoughts over the last 5 years. Mark had planned and paid for his funeral, gambled away most of his possessions and was actively planning his suicide. Mark’s only family was his brother who was in...

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Anna has chronic pain as a result of fibromyalgia and has recently started to use a wheelchair. Anna had been assessed by Adult Social Care and some minor adaptations had been made to her home. Anna was struggling to adjust to her health conditions and feeling...

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Gina has dyspraxia and dyslexia and was feeling overwhelmed. Gina was finding it difficult to manage her job, the commute, and was often absent from work. Gina had recently split up with her husband and was struggling to cope with her daughter’s behaviour. Her...

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Helen had previously experienced physical abuse from her partner - the abuse was escalating and he had recently grabbed her by the throat. Helen’s partner was extremely jealous and would only give her seconds to answer the phone when she was at work. Helen had to give...

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Amina contacted the TPA as she felt distressed and lonely since her daughter had moved to Manchester – she didn’t know where to start. Amina met with a TPA Key Worker and was able to talk through her concerns. Amina established that she wanted to apply for social...

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I have ended up with an amazing TPA worker. I was in a bad place and she talked to me, made me smile and made my life better. I would recommend you to anybody –  what you all do for people is more than amazing.  If I had to rate you out of 10 I’d say 1000

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