Signs of Domestic Abuse

This list may help you to identify whether you are experiencing domestic abuse

Do you feel afraid of your partner?

Do you feel isolated?

Do you feel cut off from family and friends?

Are they jealous and possessive?

Do they humiliate or insult you?

Do they verbally abuse you?

Do they say you are useless and couldn’t cope without them?

Do they physically hurt you? Do they shove, slap, punch or kick you?

Have they threatened to hurt you or people close to you?

Do they constantly criticise you?

Do they have sudden changes of mood which dominate the household?

Are they charming one minute and abusive the next? Like Dr Jekyll / Mr Hyde?

Do they control your money?

Do you change your behaviour to avoid triggering an attack?

Are you unsure of your own judgement?

Do they damage your possessions?

Do they smash up the furniture?

Do they threaten to harm or kill your pets?

Do they threaten to kidnap or get custody of the children?

Do they drive fast because they know it scares you?

Do they tell you what to wear or how to do your hair?

Do they lock you out of the house during an argument?

If you are experiencing any of the above and you would like to talk to someone, please see our contact page.

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