Our Lived Experience Group

At the TPA, we want the people who use our service to play an active role to shape and improve our offer, so that the TPA is inclusive, accessible and reaches the people who need support the most. That’s why we formed the Lived Experience Group. Working together in this way helps us to deliver services with meaningful and sustainable impact to the residents of Stockport.

Our Lived Experience Group is made up of individuals who have worked with the TPA service in the last 12 months. The group help the TPA to capture the views, experiences and opinions of people working with the TPA to improve experiences and impact positively upon our workforce attitudes.

Our Lived Experience Group meet monthly to provide feedback on their experience of working with the TPA. Here are the things the Lived Experience Group have been advising us on and what we’re doing about them.

TPA Covid Roadmap feedback
TPA Covid Roadmap is fine – you suggested to add in more methods of contact to the plan

As a result of feedback, we added more methods of contact in to our TPA Covid Roadmap.

TPA Case Management Plan Feedback
TPA Case Management Plan – you suggested this is applied on an individual level.

As an organisation, we have a duty of care and safeguarding obligations to maintain. In circumstances where a face to face contact is not preferable for the individual, we recommend the TPA worker to speaks with their line manager before proceeding. We have amended the TPA Case Management plan to reflect these changes. We have also amended our website information to reflect this. We are working on amending our welcome pack information.

TPA Preferred Method of Contact Survey

The survey is great and you like that our views on how we want to access the survey is being accounted for. You suggested some changes to the language and structure to make it simpler to follow.

We made some changes to the language of the survey to make it easier to understand. We made some changes to the structure of the survey to make it easier to follow.

We asked the Lived Experience Group to review the TPA step down plan
An exit plan was composed by the Lived Experience group.

The exit plan was taken to Management meeting to finalise comments. As a result, the exit plan has been added to TPA Welcome Pack and implemented

How can I get involved?

We would love to have as many people as possible in our Lived Experience Group. If you have worked with us at the TPA in the last 12 months and want to share your insights and experiences to improve the TPA service, you can get in touch with your TPA Keyworker to find out how to get involved.

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