Have you thought about giving time to help others?

Giving time can be a great way of getting to know other people in your local area, making a difference and also doing something that makes you feel good too!

A key way you can give time is to volunteer. Many local voluntary organisations and groups exist only because of the kindness of others in helping out for free. Volunteering can help to build your CV, can provide a great step back into a more structured routine or being around new people if it’s been a while since you have done those things, or simply be a positive way to spend your time.

There are also a wide range of other opportunities which are a bit less formal or require less time or regular commitment. Timebanking is a good example of this – if you join a Timebank and give time to someone through that, not only do you join a community of like-minded people, but you can also then claim that same amount of time back from someone else.

Talk to one of our community connectors or check out the links below to find out more:


Mark Emery: Community Connector (Heatons and Tame Valley, Marple + Werneth) 07800 618 976

Sascha McDermott: Community Connector (Central + Stepping Hill) 07423 432 138


We cover the whole Stockport area so if you are unsure which area you live in please contact one of the connectors who will be happy to assist you.

Do a favour for a neighbour

Be kind! No formality, just do something nice for someone on your street or someone you know is in need.
“We know how important kindness is because we’ve all felt how important it is.”

Have a look at these sites:

Here’s a list of suggested acts of kindness to get you started:
1. Give up your seat
2. Hold a door open for someone
3. Give a (sincere) compliment
4. Make someone laugh
5. Give someone a hug
6. Take time to really listen to someone
7. Let one car in on every journey
8. Make someone new feel welcome
9. Help someone who’s lost

Peer support

Join a group to share experiences and support others in a similar situation

Volunteer your time

Volunteer your time for something you have benefited from
Help out at a group or with a service that you have used

Volunteer your time on an ongoing basis
Help out at a community group or charity for a cause you are interested in

These sites have some great opportunities

Volunteer your time as a one-off
Help out at an event

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