Vicky came to the TPA Hub early one morning in tears and very distressed. She was renting her home from a private landlord and had been given an eviction notice. This had come as a complete shock. As she had a 14 year old daughter she was worried about the implications for her, and Vicky was not currently working so was also very worried about how she would afford somewhere else to live. As we listened to Vicky, she explained how she has been experiencing increasing depression and anxiety which caused her to be signed off work – but her sick pay had now finished so she had very little money coming in. Her anxiety meant that everything was getting on top of her and she told us that the eviction notice felt like the final straw and things were really spiralling out of control.

She told us her priority was dealing with the eviction notice but she also wanted to try and get some help something that would make her feel stronger inside. We talked about various different options and agreed we would point her in the right direction of Shelter and Council Housing Standards team about the property and the eviction notice, and we referred her to Healthy Minds and Beacon Counselling.

Vicky spoke to Shelter with support from her Key Worker, and she learned that she did not need to move immediately, giving her some breathing space. We worked with her to register with Stockport Homes for a property, and supported her with making a claim for relevant benefits. We have also spent time talking with Vicky and supporting her emotionally. She is now able to put into practice some of the techniques she is learning from Beacon and Healthy Minds, and feels like she is starting to be able to deal with things and see a positive future for her and her daughter at last. Vicky said to us β€œit’s like having a big sister, wish I had had someone like you in my life years ago”.