Joe was referred to the TPA by Adult Social Care. He started work with a Key Worker in relation to his finances and also securing a new flat. During this work, Joe told us that he felt quite lonely and that he had a lot of spare time on his hands, and he was feeling frustrated and as if he didn’t matter anymore.

We suggested it might be helpful to link Joe up with a Community Connector, which he agreed sounded good. Our Connector worked alongside Joe to find volunteer opportunities and social group activities.  She visited him at home along with the Key worker who made introductions, and Joe and the Community Connector talked about how they could work together to achieve what Joe would like to do.

Joe is a keen and experienced cook, he is very competent using the internet and is interested in film, particularly about martial arts.  He commented that he felt anxious about mixing with new people and was concerned about the impression he would create. Joe and the Connector discussed this in relation to opportunities and activities which would compliment his interests and skills.

He started by joining a small, weekly pub social which the Connector initially went along to with him however he now feels comfortable and will go alone.  At this group he has also become involved in planning and organising events using webpages.

In further conversation with Joe, he told us that he had previously used his local Foodbank and he wished to repay the support he received which we agreed could be done with his time by volunteering.  We supported Joe to apply to volunteer at the Food Bank – and he is now a member of the team and two afternoons a week he is there helping out with all the general duties.

As his confidence is growing he has become increasingly keen to share his cooking skills and in the near future he will be joining a monthly cooking group to swap skills. He tells us he now feels like his time is being spent more productively, and he feels valued and really satisfied that he is able to ‘give something back’.