Your stories

Stockport TPA is here to help the people in the area. Here are some examples of people we’ve already helped.

Joe was referred to the TPA by Adult Social Care. He started work with a Key Worker in relation to his finances and also securing a new flat. During this work, Joe told us that he felt quite lonely and that he had a lot of spare time on his hands, and he was feeling… Read More
John called in to the TPA duty office for advice after being discharged from hospital after a fall. He was not aware of what services were available to him and how to access them – John said he had not accessed any services for 30 years. We went to visit John in his home and… Read More
Vicky came to the TPA Hub early one morning in tears and very distressed. She was renting her home from a private landlord and had been given an eviction notice. This had come as a complete shock. As she had a 14 year old daughter she was worried about the implications for her, and Vicky… Read More