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Our Back Home Team are here to you get home quickly and safely after a hospital stay. We can also help you get ready for a planned hospital stay or help you access care and support to avoid an unnecessary visit to hospital.
Our Back Home project is delivered in partnership with Age UK Stockport.

To find out more, please get in touch with the Back Home Team:

Call 07745 773 469 

or email

Magic ! Steve has prevented me from going back into hospital I cannot fault the service. I feel more confident and know what to do if I have any problems in the future.

Daniel’s story

Daniel was a patient at Stepping Hill Hospital having been hospitalised with flu which had exacerbated his chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. His home was an upper floor flat without a lift and with 3 flights of stairs; it was cold and damp with inadequate heating. Daniel was in receipt of a very low income and had accumulated a number of debts which were not being addressed.

As part of his discharge planning, the Back Home Team liaised with Stockport Homes enabling Daniel to register for rehousing. He was offered a flat which was much more appropriate for his needs and was close to his family. His new home was warm and free from dampness, preventing any further deterioration in his health, as well as being accessible without climbing any stairs.

Through joint work with his TPA Back Home Worker, Daniel was assisted with an application for a PIP and with Universal Credit so that his income better reflected his medical needs. A referral was also made to the Council for Daniel to be provided with advice in the management of his debts.

As he enjoyed gardening, Daniel was offered the opportunity to maintain part of the communal garden where he lived; the TPA contributed to the purchase of garden tools so that he was able to tend his plot. He was assisted in making a successful application to the Stockport Local Assistance Scheme for a cooker and to purchase a second-hand sofa for his flat.

Daniel is now debt-free and receiving the correct level of benefits to meet his circumstances. Gardening has improved his wellbeing, his family networks and relationships with his neighbours. Daniel has also received some coaching using computers and can now get online. He is now looking forward to the future and is hugely appreciative of the Back Home service.

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