About The Prevention Alliance

Who we are

The service is delivered through an alliance of organisations working in partnership with Stockport Council:

1. Age UK Stockport
2. Synergy Stockport
3. Nacro
4. Talk Listen Change
5. Stockport Homes
6. Threshold (part of New Charter Housing) 

The difference with an Alliance is that our commissioner, Stockport Council, is also a member of the alliance partnership. We have two members of staff from the Council on our Alliance Leadership Team and they share an equal relationship with everyone else on that team.

Our Vision is to empower people, connect communities and improve lives. This is what we are fundamentally trying to do.

Our Values are genuine, creative and together. This challenging set of values underpins all of our work and our relationships, both within and outside the Alliance.

Why are we an alliance?

Through working as an Alliance, we bring together all the knowledge, skills and experience of our different organisations. We can provide services that are more joined up and more consistent, and we can work with people at the right time, not just when things get to a crisis point. Our aim is that our partnership will result in a quicker, smoother, more effective and more positive experience for the people we work with.

What do we do and how do we do it?

We provide proactive and early support for anyone who is vulnerable due to their health, wellbeing or situation.

We work with people in the ways that are outlined on the front page of this website, with the aim of enabling and empowering them to work towards independence, whatever that may look like for them.

To start with we usually have a conversation with the person we are working with, which involves a lot of listening rather than carrying out an assessment on them or bombarding them with questions. We believe in starting with what is good, what a person can offer or bring, acknowledging that sometimes this can be hard for someone in a challenging or difficult situation to see for themselves.

Then we look at creating a plan of action together in order to help us both agree what needs to happen and who will do what. All the time we focus on assets and opportunities.

We will ensure a smooth transition into another service if for whatever reason we feel that the TPA cannot do what that person requires. We will also work alongside other services to complement them (rather than replacing) if that is what the person feels will work best for them. A key part of this type of arrangement is communication, and we focus on making sure the person we are working with (and the other services) are fully aware at all times of who is doing what and why.

Why are we doing it?

We are doing this because we believe in healthier, happier and stronger communities, full of people who are independent and self-sufficient to a level most appropriate for them.

We know that statutory services are in increasing demand, and where possible and appropriate we want to prevent people from needing to access those already stretched services.

We will do this by empowering people to find their own solutions either within themselves, within their own communities and support networks, or through support from one of our team so that they are then equipped with all the contacts, support, resources and experience they may need in the future.

TPA is about making sure people can become resilient and independent rather than needing to go back to services over and over again, which can be difficult for everyone involved.

TPA values diversity and we aim to provide services and opportunities that are tailored to meet the needs of each individual we work with. We will make sure that no person or group working with us will be treated less favourably than any other person or group because of their individual characteristics

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