Our offer

We provide information, advice and guidance around health and wellbeing.

We provide a sensory support drop-in for members of the Deaf community

We work alongside people and their families on a one-to-one basis to whilst they make positive changes to improve their wellbeing. This can include working on some or all of the following areas;

– Physical health

– Mental wellbeing

– Relationships – including domestic abuse

– Budgeting

– Employment and skills

– Housing

We take a strengths-based approach, working alongside people to improve their health, wellbeing and independence. By working with people at an early stage, our preventative approach aims to reduce the need for people to access public services. We encourage people to explore their interests and connect them with other people or groups with shared interests.

We help people to set up new groups in their communities, and work to strengthen existing groups that improve wellbeing

There is no time limit on how long we will work with a person; we always encourage people to be as independent as possible

TPA workers are flexible, will and motivated colleagues who are great assets to the Neighbourhood model of working. They manage to engage with potentially difficult clients and work with them for long enough to make a difference. The non-statutory role helps with this. The diverse background of experience also helps.

Steve Bradshaw

Neighbourhood Clinical Lead, Stockport CCG

Our alliance

The TPA is made up of six not for profit organisations who work together to improve Health and Wellbeing in Stockport.

The Alliance is commissioned by Stockport Council, and consists of the following organisations:





To find out more about our work please see our recent Impact Report or get in touch with us.

Everyone I have encountered within the Alliance has had a ‘can do’ attitude, from front line workers to strategic managers, with a creative approach to providing support for some of the most vulnerable people in Stockport

Jennie Neill

Service Leader Public Service Hub, Stockport Council

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