Read Easy supporting parents this International Literacy Day

For international Literacy Day, our friends at Read Easy Stockport want to help to support parents of children who are returning to school, so that they in turn can help their children:

As children start back at school, parents across Stockport are receiving letters and emails from schools with reminders, updates and important information.  Yet research shows 11,000 adults in our area struggle their reading.  This International Literacy Day (September 8th) Read Easy Stockport wants to encourage parents and other adults to get the support they need to read messages from school, to read a bedtime story or to help their children with their homework.

Read Easy Stockport provides free confidential support with volunteer coaches meeting twice a week with Readers who work through a series of phonics-based reading manuals, aimed specifically at adults.  Over the last 18 months, meetings have been held online as well as face-to-face in line with relevant social distancing guidelines.  

Team Leader Marie Joyce says “We know the huge impact learning to read has on people’s lives.  It opens up job opportunities, means they can support their children with school and makes a huge difference to wellbeing and self-esteem.  A lot of people who want to improve their reading had bad experiences at school.  Our sessions are completely different- they are one-to-one, confidential and go at the Reader’s pace.  It’s a really brave thing to reach out for help and a lot of our Readers say it’s the best thing they’ve done”

Joanne made the decision to improve her reading when her seven-year-old daughter noticed she was struggling.  Since reaching out to her local Read Easy group she says that a whole new world has opened up to her, a world she sees with fresh eyes.  “Now I can read road signs, shop signs and number plates I have never even noticed before and I can read the letters that arrive in the post.  For the first time, I’m correcting my daughter’s reading and I can help my son with his phonics.  Thanks so much to Read Easy and my Reading Coach for making this dream happen. You’ve changed my life and I feel so privileged to have had this opportunity.”


If you know anyone who would like support for their reading, they can contact Read Easy Stockport on 07957 516443 or email


Read Easy Stockport is an affiliated member of registered charity Read Easy UK (No. 1151288). For more information about Read Easy, please go to the website

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