When we first came into contact with Barry, he was in a very dark place. He was recovering from a stroke and he was having serious issues with his son committing violence against him. He said that he felt like he was going to have another stroke and saw no way out of this.

Barry was isolating at home and had little human contact outside his home. There were a few calls that were very difficult and got quite emotional, he said that “I just don’t want to be here” and “I can’t cope with this anymore”. He had poor mental health and was experiencing Anxiety and depression.

His Keyworker encouraged him to delve into his past experiences, picking out the best bits and started to build a scaffold for him to build confidence and to find the spark to move forwards again. He wated to overcome his anxiety and depression to work towards building a productive future, eventually aiming to explore voluntary work, hopefully leading to paid employment.

Barry had worked with supporting people in the past and had a good knowledge of people in recovery. We would use this not only to work towards the prospect of work but to use the philosophy to help rebuild himself by reflecting on what he would do to support in this situation.

Together we linked in with our Community Connectors for the walking group. We accessed TLC counselling (now taking place) and I referred into a mentor scheme (has had the initial interview and invited to training).

Having worked worked with the TPA, things have changed beyond recognition. Barry’s whole outlook has changed on life. His son is now living with his mum and states that the relationship with son is growing stronger. Now he has got a job working 16hrs a week supporting people, Barry says that he is doing what he loves and thanks the TPA for this.

Barry is now getting counselling with TLC alongside his journey into work. He is going on a mentor course with full training and states he will be doing his level 3 social care alongside the work. He has now got back in contact with his support network and is talking every day.

It has been an amazing journey and at times very difficult, but we got there with perseverance and now Barry says that he has found his spark and ready to build his future again. This was a very long process and involved reflection, taking apart each problem as it arose and looking at coping strategies in the moment. After doing this over time, it became behaviour, and the person would automatically refer to solutions rather than barriers. This, over time, built resilience, appeased anxiety and built confidence.

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