“I would just like to say that everyone at the TPA who has been helping me have been really good, in fact brilliant. I didn’t know how much help there was out there for me. For the past few years after my parents’ death, I had been feeling quite low and depressed and more than anything, lonely. When my best friend came round recently to see how I was, I was at an absolute low. The worst I have felt in such a long time.

My friend then made several phone calls to various people who suddenly came out of nowhere to help me with all sorts of difficulties that I was going through. They helped me with my paperwork, getting me a new fridge/freezer, and helped me with my food, as well as tidying my house, getting heating for my house, and even joining a small local walking group. They are really good. I am glad and feel really humbled and grateful for all of this. I am still struggling, but am feeling a little bit better about myself now.
Thank you so very much again everyone at TPA.

I cannot speak highly enough, and I highly recommend them to anyone out there who is going through similar situations.”

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