A look at Placed Based Integration and Team Around The Place

We invited colleagues from Pure Innovations and the Wellbeing and Independence Network to meet some of the people who take part in our “Mooch and Mingle ” walking group

TPA Keyworkers and Community Connectors are embedded in the communities that we serve, and we work closely with our friends in the local statutory services such as Greater Manchester Police and the NHS, other third sector organisations based in those localities and neighbourhood and community groups to deliver a joined-up service to residents.

This helps us to identify the needs of each area and to share information and best practice with colleagues, and to plan projects where we work together to deliver a locally focussed service. Sometimes an individual is working with, or should be working with, more than one of our partners and Placed Based Integration (PBI) is the way in which we work out how to combine our skills to best help the person concerned.

In addition to this, Team Around The Place (TAP) is a locality-based forum where local organisations can meet, let each other know about their services and contact details, and plan projects together.


Siobhan Myers, Team Manager for Stepping Hill and Victoria:
“Place-based Integration was crucial during the lockdown in making sure information was shared between partners & local responses were appropriate & beneficial. For the TPA, having links with GMP, Stockport Homes and Children’s services means we can share information faster and holistic support for people is provided from the outset. It’s so important that moving out of lockdown, we are sensitive and responsive to the needs of local people and communities and forums like PBI and Team around the Place make this happen.”


Helen Johnson, Communities Programme Project Manager
“Work with TPA has been really successful across Stockport especially over last year, as we have all counteracted the impact of the restrictions from Covid during the pandemic. Stockport Council value the links with TPA, for Place based approaches; TPA are 1 of 4 partners leading and chairing the weekly PBI meetings, covering 3 areas in Stockport. During lockdown, we have established a full complement of Team Around the Place (TAP) groups, across all 8 of the CCG neighbourhoods, and the ‘captain’ role is covered by 3 TPA colleagues in Victoria (Central), Werneth and Heatons.”


Gemma, Making Space/Open Door
“Mark from The TPA who is the Captain for the TAP meeting in Central came along and visited Open Door during the lockdown. He invited me along to the Victoria TAP meeting where I did a presentation of the work we do at Open Door. This provided me with a fantastic opportunity to meet all the other agencies in Stockport and therefore be able to signpost people to the appropriate support network. As we come out of lockdown it is really helpful being part of Central area TAP so we can all continue to share information and ideas ensuring we support the community during these challenging times.”


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