Marcin was living with his mum who had severe dementia and was her primary carer. In addition, he also suffered anxiety and depression as well as having autism, and had to give up work to look after his Mum. He had never been on benefits before and stated he did not know how to go about claiming them.

His mum had a social worker that would support with home care and other support tasks. Marcin would not open the door to carers sometimes due to his poor mental health and would take on the role himself causing him more stress and anxiety. The relationship between Marcin and his mum was really suffering as a result.

When he first started working with TPA, his Keyworker started to explore support options for him so he could be in the right frame of mind to care for his Mum without frustration but also so he could live a fulfilling life himself.

TPA worked closely with adult social care to support Marcin to manage better around the home. His Keyworker arranged counselling to help him with his anxiety and made a referral to primary Mental Health services. Together, they made a joint visit to the GP to discuss support via holistic and medical means, and Marcin was prescribed medication. As the weeks went on with counselling and with the medication, his mental health started to improve as did his interactions and relationship with his mum.

We arranged a joint visit to a dementia support group in Reddish where he could go with his Mum for support and some respite. He found the group really interesting and said that he plans to go again.

Over the weeks together we addressed a lot of issues that led to his poor mental health and in turn his relationship with his Mum grew stronger. Marcin was soon able to answer the door to carers every day, and he would go out in the garden with his Mum as “she loved this”.

Along with the counselling and medication, it was clear to see that the relationship continued to get better. Marcin said that he felt less trapped.

We would go on to explore the gym and modelling groups and attended a session at each with him. We worked with him to put full benefits in place where there were none previously.

Eventually, Marcin started to trust leaving the carers with his Mum and going out to socialise with old friends. He says that he is grateful for the support that he received from TPA.

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