Malik was referred to the TPA by his social worker. The social worker had requested some help for him in making sure that he was receiving the correct benefits. His Keyworker was asked to initially contact one of Malik’s sons to arrange a visit as he has dementia and if they arranged an appointment with him, he may not remember.

When the Keyworker first met with Malik, both of his sons were present and it was clear how much support they both gave him. They both worked full time but said they spent a lot of time with their Dad and were always making sure he was ok. They explained how their Dad often went ‘wandering’ and they would receive phone calls from the neighbours to say that their Dad was out.

Malik received his state pension, but he was not receiving anything else. It was evident that with his dementia and other health conditions that an application should be made for Attendance Allowance.

The sons also explained to their Keyworker about the number of hospital appointments they had for their Dad and that parking was always an issue. They said they could not leave their Dad to wait for them while they parked the car, as they could come back and he would have wandered off, so we supported them with completing a Blue Badge Application.

The TPA Keyworker came back once they had the Attendance Allowance form and completed this with them over a couple of visits. We asked to be kept up to speed about the outcome, and a few weeks later their Keyworker received a text to let me know that Malik had been awarded Attendance Allowance and they were very happy about this.

Feedback received from one of Malik’s sons:
“I would just like to say that Lucy was priceless, I couldn’t have managed without her help, she took a big weight off my shoulders and I’m so grateful”

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