Two new projects from TPA

Stockport TPA are launching two new projects this week, both aimed at improving the physical and mental wellbeing of Stockport residents and of bringing people together after a long period of lockdown.

We are facilitating a new Connecting People project, helping people to make new friends around their hobbies and interests and create their own groups. We aim to introduce people to one another and encourage them to meet each other in a safe, informal environment. More information here

Although limited exercise was allowed during lockdown, what people missed most was the social aspect of exercising together. Our new walking groups will offer a variety of walks, from gentle walks for those with limited mobility through to walks for those who are up for a bit of a challenge!

We are also looking to recruit 12 Walking Champions, volunteers who will help us organise and facilitate the walks and in return we will be offering free Health and Safety, Safeguarding and First Aid training alongside Digital Skills support. Find out more about our walking groups here.


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