Covid Scam targeting older people

Notice from Public Health Department of Stockport Council

Unfortunately, we’ve been advised that in areas around Greater Manchester older residents are being targeted by COVID scams.

Greater Manchester Police has been alerted but we would appreciate your help in sharing with your networks to warn the older population in Stockport.

Bolton NHS Foundation Trust reported that patients in their 90s have received phone calls and texts to say they’ll be having their COVID vaccinations at home and someone will be coming to their address on certain times/dates to do this.

Please make people aware that currently no one will be contacted to have their vaccine at home.

Please also find details below about how the vaccination appointment system will work in Stockport:

• If you are registered with a GP in Stockport, you will be contacted directly by your GP practice either by letter, phone or text message.
• If you live in Stockport but are registered with a practice outside the borough, you will be contacted by representatives from that local authority area.
• If you receive a phone call, the caller will identify themselves and say they are calling on behalf of your GP and they are getting in touch about booking an appointment for a Coronavirus vaccine.
• The caller will then offer dates and times for you to attend clinic. They will also give the location of the site where you will receive it. This may not be your usual surgery.
• If you are receiving the Pfizer vaccination, you will also be given the time, date and location for the second dose of the vaccination. It is vital, you return and keep your second appointment 21 days later.
• The callers booking vaccinations will not ask for any other personal details. They certainly will not ask to visit your house or ask for any money. Sadly, we have also already been alerted to possible phone scams with callers asking for payment for access to vaccinations.
• Once you have received the vaccination you must not drive for 15 minutes afterwards. You will need to remain in clinic until that time has elapsed.
• If you have any queries about the vaccine either before or afterwards you can call the Stockport helpline on 0161 426 9910.

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