“I’m hopefully not far off being one of Ryan’s success stories, and as much as Ryan will not take any credit for it, he has been my rock and my was sole support bubble for a long time. As Ryan knows I like to talk so I hope this email won’t be too long!

I was first referred to TPA in February and I certainly was not in a very good place. I wouldn’t even answer the phone or engage, admittedly I didn’t want to, or didn’t think I needed any help. Thankfully Ryan persisted and was patient and has helped me turn my life around, unbelievably.

I feel Ryan has taken time to get to know and understand the real me and that means a lot, especially in the situation I was in. I felt so alone and also felt and still feel I’m fighting against child services. I felt sometimes I was going completely mad and when I picked up the phone to Ryan he would truthfully tell me his thoughts on what was happening and also help me see other services views which made me feel and think clearer.

Nothing has ever been too much for Ryan and I feel lucky to have support off somebody like him. I have no idea how he’s put up with me – it has been a long hard journey. It’s sad to say but honestly if I had not had Ryan by my side this last year I don’t even think I’d be here to tell the tale, and now I am proud to tell my story.

Ryan has helped me learn so much and this will stay with me for life. The list is too long and every time I try to thank him, he won’t take any credit, which is why I felt strongly enough to write to you. Ryan is a dedicated member of the TPA and rather than look back and see all the negatives, I now see the positives. I now have my daughter back with me full time which I could never have managed – the random texts of support, reminding me I can do certain things really helped.

I started off this journey seeing no future, now all I can see and am looking forward to is the future even though we’re not quite there yet. It really is all thanks to a genuine, honest, understanding, thoughtful and very patient guy, who I feel honoured to have shared this journey with” – Carrie

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