Mark had experienced depression for a long time and had suicidal thoughts over the last 5 years. Mark had planned and paid for his funeral, gambled away most of his possessions and was actively planning his suicide.

Mark’s only family was his brother who was in prison, Mark had one close friend who experiences poor mental health and was unable to support Mark. Mark was feeling extremely lonely.

Mark was taking anti-depressants but they were not helping. A week before contacting the TPA Mark was in a dreadful state and on the verge of carrying out his plans to end his life. Mark went to his GP and was sent to hospital.
Mark told us that the support of his Mental Health Nurse, and that his brother would be soon be leaving prison were the reasons he sought help.

Mark explored social activities with the TPA and is now going to The Squad – a weekly health and wellbeing group for men, and is looking to volunteer within the group. Mark also attends a Gym Group which provides support to access the gym, and he takes part in yoga and art therapy through the Sports in Memories group at Stockport County.

Mark has made friendships through these groups and meets people socially outside of the groups.

Since working with the TPA Mark feels that his mental wellbeing has improved, he is going out more and has had the confidence to contact an animal’s shelter to register as a volunteer.

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