Lucy is a care leaver with a one year old daughter who she looks after by herself.

Lucy wanted to focus on improving her confidence and motivation. She had become anxious and was spending too much time at home alone with her daughter and was feeling isolated.

Lucy has physical health conditions that have increased her anxiety, and she worries about the impact this has on her daughter. She is often in a lot of pain and suffers from dizziness, which can make life difficult.

Lucy sometimes felt the Care Leavers Team were interfering in her life and was frustrated by their involvement. Lucy believed that they thought she was not a good enough mother. Lucy had a poor relationship with her GP and felt that they do not listen to her.
We helped Lucy to explore some of her strengths and positive factors in her life.

Lucy receives regular support from the Care Leaving Team and has a mentor through Pure Insight, a charity who help care leavers. Lucy’s Nana is a great support, she cooks meals and brings them round for Lucy to freeze, and she helps to look after Lucy’s daughter. Lucy has a close friend who was also in care, and a few other friends who Lucy feels she can speak to.

Lucy volunteers for a couple of hours at a care leavers social afternoon, however, the bus times mean that she arrives 30 minutes early and is waiting around with her daughter which is difficult, or arrives 30 minutes late and feels too anxious to go in.
Lucy used to attend a coffee and parenting class on a Sunday but had recently lost her confidence.

Through working with the TPA, Lucy explored her feelings and established that her lack of confidence came down to her concerns around what other people thought about her. She felt everyone was negative about her. As a result, Lucy lost so much confidence that she did not want to go anywhere without someone with her.

With the TPA, Lucy explored some of the steps she thought would help her improve how she was feeling. Lucy wanted to explore child care arrangements so she could look for a part time job. Lucy wanted to join the gym and was make use of the offer of paid membership through the Care Leavers Team. The gym also has a crèche facility so Lucy does not need to worry about childcare.

Lucy felt that she would benefit from counselling and was referred to TLC through the TPA.

As Lucy’s confidence gradually grew, the TPA helped her to start work as a volunteer for two days a week. This was a huge step and Lucy said it opened up a whole new world. She feels she has a place where she is now recognised as an individual who is capable of good work, not just a “young care leaver with a baby”.

Interacting with so many new people and having responsibility in her job has built her confidence and her motivation has greatly improved. Lucy is really enjoying being with adults and feeling part of something. Lucy has been offered an apprenticeship at the place she volunteers, which is a great opportunity.

Lucy’s relationships feel better because she feels less anxious, more involved, respected and appreciated. She now has the confidence to attend groups with her daughter on her own.

Lucy now attends the gym and yoga classes and takes advantage of the crèche.

Lucy has started her counselling sessions and feels that these will help her to move forward.

Lucy is trying to organise a babysitting circle between friends to enable them all to get out and about.

Lucy has accessed information on how to register her daughter for nursery when she is old enough.

Lucy is making an extended appointment with her GP to have a proper discussion about how she has been feeling physically and mentally so that she can improve their relationship and get the support and understanding she needs.

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