Hannah started to work with the TPA following an attempted overdose because she was feeling extremely low. Hannah had a history of drug and alcohol abuse.

Hannah had recently returned to the UK following a stay with her sister. During her stay her mental and physical health improved and she stopped abusing alcohol and drugs. When Hannah’s visa ran out, she returned to the UK and her drinking and drug abuse started again.
Hannah’s use of alcohol and drugs caused tension with her family. Hannah explained that she has brothers and sisters who live locally, and that they struggle to understand why she behaves in the way she does. Hannah’s mum and sister who live abroad are very supportive.

Hannah was employed but off work, having worked for the company for 10 years. Her manager is aware of Hannah’s circumstances issues and has been supportive, providing a phased return to work and Hannah aims to be well enough to go back full time.

Hannah had significant debts from her former relationship which she found overwhelming; and subsequently applied for bankruptcy.

Hannah built a good relationship with her TPA Key Worker and shared that she had been through a very difficult period in her life. Hannah had been in an abusive relationship from a young age and relied on alcohol and drugs to help her through it. Hannah’s family only knew some of the things she has been through. Hannah advised that her aggressive behaviour towards her family when she had been drinking and using drugs caused them stress, fear and anxiety.

Hannah wanted to access support to reduce her use of alcohol and drugs but lacked the confidence to do this, she also wanted to start exercising and improve her fitness. Hannah wanted to get out more to socialise but didn’t feel she could do this without alcohol and would then get angry or upset.

Hannah’s Key Worker enabled Hannah to explore the options available, and together they agreed approaches and steps Hannah could take to improve her situation. Hannah was encouraged to take small achievable steps so her confidence develops in a positive, sustainable way and to recognise her own strengths, skills and achievements, and that she deserves support.

Hannah acknowledged that it would be helpful to talk to her family about how she really feels and how much she needs their support.
Hannah was able to reflect on her work and recognised that she does not really enjoy it and finds it very stressful, and started to consider the possibility volunteering to enable her to discover what she’d really enjoy.

Hannah agreed to access counselling and felt that this was a positive step to address the void that is currently filled through alcohol and drugs.

Hannah started to research support for alcohol and drugs abuse along with opportunities to exercise.

Hannah accessed the PARiS scheme and started to attend gym classes and swimming. Hannah also started to attend yoga through Memories in Sport. Hannah particularly enjoyed yoga and found it extremely relaxing.

Hannah’s Key Worker introduced her to a TPA Community Connector so that Hannah could explore more social activities and they attended Olive Belles together – a local community group for women.

Through her work with the TPA Hannah reported that she feels stronger on every level and has more positive days than negative, although she does have wobbly days but nothing like she used to experience.

Hannah said that her mental health is much better and the relationships with all her family have improved, they are all very supportive now.

Hannah was still drinking and felt ready to access support through Cirtek House to strengthen her motivation and desire to get her life back on track. Her Key Worker advised her that Cirtek House could also offer support to her family around her use of alcohol.

Hannah felt confident to move forward and with her positive changes independently.

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