Gina has dyspraxia and dyslexia and was feeling overwhelmed. Gina was finding it difficult to manage her job, the commute, and was often absent from work.

Gina had recently split up with her husband and was struggling to cope with her daughter’s behaviour. Her daughter was absent from school on a regular basis and was about to sit her GCSE’s.

Gina was struggling with maintaining her home and keeping on top of cleaning, this was causing friction between her and her daughter, and Gina’s ex-husband was frustrated as he felt he had to pick up the pieces. Gina confirmed that otherwise she had a good relationship with her ex-husband.

Gina was feeling lonely, wanted to meet new people, and wanted to more time to herself.

Gina’s Key Worker took the time to listen and gave Gina space to explore options. From these conversations Gina felt able to talk to her ex-husband to explain how she was feeling. They were then able to work together to support their daughter, which took pressure off Gina.
Gina had previously attended groups and voluntary work, which she enjoyed. Gina’s Key Worker encouraged her to recognise the benefits of taking some time for herself each week. The Key Worker helped Gina to access a dyslexia support group, and worked on her confidence to attend other local groups that she had enjoyed in the past.

Gina made some big changes, and decided to a 12 month career break and plans to spend this time to focus on her family and her own wellbeing. Gina feels confident and more in control of her life.

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