Claire had recently become bankrupt in order to clear significant debts, she felt she was starting to struggle to keep on top of bills again and was worried she would get into further debt. Claire lacked confidence and got in touch with the TPA for help around budgeting.

When our Key Worker met with Claire they could see that she didn’t value her own ability to solve problems and needed a lot of reassurance that she was doing the right thing.

Together they explored Claire’s worries and Claire said she did not feel confident budgeting, or contacting organisations to discuss bills. With gentle encouragement, Claire felt able to make a call with the support of her Key Worker. Following the call, they both reflected on what had gone well and this helped to boost Claire’s confidence and to see that she could do this successfully.

Claire’s Key Worker advised Claire to start by keeping a daily record of her spending, this helped Claire to see where she could save money. Together, they developed a budget plan to help Claire plan her spending.

Over time Claire’s confidence grew and she took control of her finances; opening up a separate bank account solely for bills which helps her to budget more effectively by separating out her disposable income, and she confidently attended a matter relating to her bankruptcy independently.

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