Anna has chronic pain as a result of fibromyalgia and has recently started to use a wheelchair. Anna had been assessed by Adult Social Care and some minor adaptations had been made to her home.

Anna was struggling to adjust to her health conditions and feeling isolated and lonely. Anna was also worried that being a young carer was placing too much pressure on her daughter.

Together, Anna and her Key Worker established what changes Anna would like to make, and explored opportunities to achieve this. Anna has strong IT skills and was encouraged to use these to access information online.

Anna’s application for a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) had been declined, with guidance from her Key Worker Anna felt able to appeal this decision. A claim for Universal Credit was also made. Anna also went online to access support from Healthy Minds.

Through her work with the TPA, Anna now attends a range of social activities that have improved her wellbeing; including a support group for people with similar health conditions and Friendly Fridays – a local support group where Anna enjoys being involved in arts and crafts. Being able to get out and meet other people have helped improve Anna’s confidence and mental wellbeing.

Anna has been awarded the higher rate of PIP and now has a mobility car so can easily attend appointments and social events.
Anna’s daughter is getting support from Signpost Young Carers Service.

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