TPA Staff Conference


Last week saw the TPA staff conference at Edgeley Park, a great opportunity for all TPA staff to meet, share their experiences and skills and find out more about the direction that TPA will be moving in as we move forward.

The morning saw the launch of our Impact Report “Stronger Together” along with a series of workshops exploring TPA’s digital offer, the work of the Positive Relationships Team (who deal with Domestic Abuse), Lived Experience (as we are asking people who have worked with us for help to design some of the work that we are doing and reflect back on their experiences of working with TPA), Connecting People and Safeguarding.

The afternoon saw Ali Gardener and Lowis Charfe from the University of Central Lancashire (or “The Institution For The Diffusion Of Useful Knowledge” to give it its original and proper title!) present a guide to Social Pedagogy to our staff. Social Pedagogy is a holistic approach to care and wellbeing which seeks to maximise the potential of people by connecting them with wider society and embedding skills and learning in the process. It seeks to utilise more of the creativity and character of both the worker and the person who they are working with than traditional approaches do. It was great to hear that both thought we already utilised many of the practices in the work of TPA.

For seekers of Useful Knowledge(!) , more about Social Pedagogy here

It was fantastic to see everyone all together and find out more about our ongoing work across the borough, to share experiences, perspectives and skills and a chance to take stock of all of our many achievements so far and to look forward to the future of TPA.

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