Slaying dragons and bringing people together!

Many people are familiar with Dungeons and Dragons and Role Playing Games via the Netflix programme Stranger Things where the characters roll dice excitedly while discussing the demise of the Demogorgon! 

It’s a hobby which has enthralled generations of youngsters (and not so youngsters!)  but recently it has emerged as a useful tool in overcoming social anxiety and isolation as it allows people to interact “in character” which they often find easier. 

There is a great article here on the BBC website which explains the potential of D&D in therapy and group support.

In Stockport there are two group that are using D&D and other Role Playing Games to bring people together, to build confidence and social skills. In Brinnington, there’s The Adventurers’ Guild and on Edgeley there is Mana Potion, both of whom welcome new members. Why not grab a sword and a helmet and join in at a group near you? 


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