TPA Gym Group to tackle Tough Tribe

Over the last 10 weeks, Richard, Michael and Paul have been taking part in a Gym group run by TPA’s People Helping People team. All have suffered from anxiety and found themselves socially isolated.

They have been working with LifeLeisure in Brinnington with trainer Jamie over a number of disciplines from cardio training on exercise bikes to boxing to weights, and all have felt that their mental and physical health have improved as a result

Richard was socially isolated due to his anxiety and was eating too much and gained weight as a result. The idea of exercising on his own seemed daunting but the camaraderie with Michael, Paul and others really helped. Lost 9kg and feeling much better and more confident.

Michael really enjoyed being introduced to Richard and Paul, has lost weight and feels much more confident, and determined to carry on exercising.

Paul joined because he found himself never going out, and was no longer finding the pleasure in things that he used to. He felt that he needed to do something about his weight. At first felt anxious, not only about the gym but travelling on his own.

His family have noticed how he has lost weight, Getting to the gym is easier now and has a real sense of achievement and feels better about himself.

All three were extremely complimentary about their trainer Jamie –

“Jamie has been brilliant-pushes us a little bit at a time and is very knowledgeable and patient with us”-Paul

All three feel that their fitness and confidence has improved so much that they are taking part in Tough Tribe at the end of September, a challenging obstacle course at Woodbank Park where TPA will be there to cheer them every muddy step of the way!

*Names have been changed


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