Ian was referred to the TPA by Adult Social Care. Ian was living in a residential home at the time as he had been evicted from his property due to not maintaining his property and being able to live independently.

Ian was alcohol dependant and had physical health issues due to alcohol misuse. He did not know how to manage and live independently and had socially isolated himself and wanted to make changes in his life.

When our Keyworker first met with Ian to have a chat about how the TPA could work with Ian. The Keyworker with Ian identified that he still had a strong family network. Ian acknowledged and recognised a need to change Ian’s lifestyle and wanting to change with the guidance from working with his TPA keyworker to live independently.

What Ian wanted most was to go back to being independent living in own home. To live in a social environment and improve his physical wellbeing.

Our Keyworker encouraged Ian to work alongside Ian’s family who were identified as Ian’s biggest asset and strength. This reduced demand on services and gave Ian the tools and skills to start to start being independent.

Ian was connected to the Olive Branch a community café in his own community. He was introduced to one of the TPA community Anchors who made Ian feel comfortable and part of the group that he attended at the Olive Branch. Ian now regularly attends the groups at the Olive Branch, feels that he has hugely expanded his social network and is looking into volunteering now there.

Ian is now looking at doing voluntary work at the Olive Branch after being connected to the community group through working with the TPA and meeting an Anchor.

Ian is now living in own accommodation independently. He feels connected into the wider community and regularly attends community groups. Ian was initially referred to the TPA by Adult Social Care. He’s no longer working with any services and has made positive life changes. He now feels that he has the skill and ability to address any issues that he may come across in the future through working with TPA


  • We have changed Ian’s name


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