Community Connecting






Here are some pictures of our People Helping People team at events around Stockport, in Alexandra Park in Edgeley, at a York Street community event and at our men’s group, The Squad, with volunteer Martin tuning the guitar

The team of Community Connectors work with groups all around the borough of Stockport to reduce social isolation and to bring people together. We run a number of groups ourselves and have Community Anchors at many others, who are volunteers  who are specifically there to welcome people who TPA Keyworkers work with into their groups. In return our Community Connectors are able to offer support and training to the groups who we work with, to improve the value of they work they do, for example via the volunteers participation course at Stockport Homes.

If you are involved in a local group and would like to know more, please contact Mark on Sascha on 07423 432138 or Mark on 07800 618976 for a chat


Rosie’s Friendship Group enjoy boat trip

Community Pitch Fund pays for a lovely day out on New Horizons

Tenpin Tuesday

Come and meet new friends with TPA

New Wellbeing and Self-Care service from Stockport GPs

Support with finance, mental health and more

Mental Health Matters- PTSD

Members of the local community explain how they have dealt with their PTSD

GoodGym to launch in Stockport

Running and voluntary work combine in this innovative new project

TPA Gym Group to tackle Tough Tribe

TPA gym group tackles anxiety and social isolation… and Tough Tribe!

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