Paul Stevens-Digital Officer

My name is Paul and I’m the Digital Capacity Officer for The Prevention Alliance

I work from the lovely new Stockport Homes Group Cornerstone building in central Stockport and my role is to publicise the work that TPA does online, via our website and via our social media channels on Youtube, Twitter @StockportTPA and Facebook

The website contains information about the work that TPA do, how we work with people to develop their own strength and resilience, as well as our contact details and online referral form and a set of local and national resources for people to refer to, hopefully relevant to everyone in Stockport, not just the people who TPA is working with. Every day I add news items about work that TPA is doing around the borough and other items of local interest and post about these on Facebook and Twitter. There’s a lot going on, it’s hard to keep up with all of the TPA news, never mind anything else!

I’ve really tried to create a site which will keep people revisiting and referring back to, with lots of useful information and a friendly and human face. We’ve included lots of content from the people who we work with to give an idea about the positive ways in which our work has touched people’s lives to date. The next stage of my work moving forward is to develop apps which people can use to monitor different aspects of their lives and will link directly to resources which TPA will create, alongside other local resources, and which will reflect the asset based approach we have to working with people’s strengths instead of just their needs. 

I also run the intranet which is an internal website for staff to be kept up to date with what is happening within TPA, which can be difficult with 6 organisations and 4 area teams spread out across the borough plus our town centre hub. As well as being able to download all their paperwork and information from one handy place staff also have an online space where they collaborate on ideas and share best practice. I like to think it brings people together, a bit like Bisto.

I’m involved in a new Digital Alliance for Stockport, as yet in its very early stages which will bring together Stockport Homes, Starting Point Community Partnership, Good things Foundation and TPA to deliver digital skills to hard to reach communities and groups in Stockport. I used to work as an IT trainer in Manchester libraries delivering classes to jobseekers, probation clients, refugees and asylum seekers and other groups who often fall outside of mainstream education. It was fun and really rewarding and I’m looking forward to being involved in digital education in some way again. This also fits in well with the wider role of my team, the People Helping People team of Community Connectors who work to bridge the gap between socially isolated people and groups and other networks of support in the wider Stockport community.

Outside of TPA I build websites for a variety of organisations and charities, most recently for a peer support project for ex-prisoners and an organisation that runs creative writing workshops with young people, I’m involved in the spoken word and poetry scene in Manchester, I endure, sorry, enjoy parkrun every Saturday, mess with flight simulator software and am trying and dismally failing to learn how to play Go.

I enjoy dreadful rock music of the 70’s as evidenced by my mugshot below. At least no one is going to nick my cup!

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