Tony was first referred to the TPA in September 2016. He was referred from a CBT therapist at Healthy minds with the request that he would like to become socially active due to being isolated due to anxiety and depression and only went outside when accompanied by mum. Tony had shown an interest in attending the ARC project. Tony was allocated to work alongside a Community Connector and identify skills, strengths and interests. Tony stated he was interested in Art therapy and also had an interest in athletics. Tony said he would also like to look at building confidence in looking for work. The Community Connector referred Tony to the Arc project and also to the Employment advice team. Although these referrals were made Tony soon became disengaged and case was closed.

Tony was re referred by his mother and was re allocated another Community Connector. On Meeting Tony showed very high anxiety and had become agoraphobic but had just begun attending Arc in a taxi for two hrs a week. Tony found it difficult to engage but the Community Connector was interested in what had stopped engagement before. Tony stated he had found the process of going out to appointments with people he did not know overwhelming and heightened his anxiety. It was decided by both parties to take a slower more person centred approach until Tony felt comfortable to explore further interests. Tony met regularly and took short walks in the community with the Connector to become comfortable with outside. This then moved on to local quiet coffee shops. In this time Tony’s confidence began to grow and he completed the 6 month Arc project and was asked if he would like to attend the next course. Tony also showed an interest in the Health and Wellbeing College and with a little support enrolled himself on the next semester. Tony attended the college on a couple of occasions but realised this was not for him. During this time Tony’s had times when he would experience low’s and disengage for a short time but with perseverance this became less.After some time of working together and helping Tony identify his strength’s Tony decided to begin driving lesson’s. Tony also started to engage with other family member’s and go on social outings. Tony also explored further education and apprenticeships and even felt confident enough to make his first job application. Tony also attended an anxiety workshop to identify and find tools to use in combating this.

Tony also went on to attend Barista Training being run by the Olive Roc which aimed to give people who had been out of work for some time or would like to boost their self confidence and skills the opportunity to do this.

Tony continues to take driving lessons, attend the Arc project weekly and is now partaking in organising and setting up a group for men with similar experiences. Tony is also interested in getting involved in more volunteer opportunities to build his CV in the prospect of future employment.

*We have changed Tony’s name

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