Aabid got in touch with TPA via social services as he and his family were living in exceptionally cramped circumstances with two children and two adults in a small flat with one bedroom.

As English was not his first language, it was hard for him to start to address his housing issue and to communicate with potential housing providers and other statutory services. We engaged the help of a translator to make it easier for Aabid to communicate his needs with the various services who were working with his family.

The TPA Keyworker who was allocated to work with Aabid helped him to start making bids on properties in Stockport, to use apps to translate official correspondence and a PC to make bids and to enrol on an English course to help him engage better with his local community. We also made him aware of all of the benefits which he could potentially apply for, as he was worried about his broader financial situation.

Eventually Aabid and his family were successful in being rehomed in a 3 bedroom property and we helped him to find affordable furniture and decorating materials. He now has a third child on the way as well!

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