AD was initially referred via MOSAIC in Stockport where he was supporting his brother. AD felt that his life was adrift and that he had no aims or direction, no work and felt very self-conscious about the state of his teeth. His main focus was his daughter, but he had not managed to see her for some time.

He felt that he was socially isolated, he wasn’t going out at all and that the deterioration of his home was adding to his sense of frustration. He wanted to get out and meet people, address his dental health and eventually get back to work.

Despite this, he was a creative and practical person and when he started working with TPA, we decided to try and concentrate on those talents and try and find him a place where he could meet others and gain confidence from people’s reaction to his art, fix up both his house and his teeth try and improve his sense of purpose and belonging.

We helped him to find a dentist and to book an initial consultation, encouraged AD to join the ARC group which he loved, that helped him to go out weekly for the classes.  We also Introduced AD to Westbrook Centre. Although AD was not very keen after the initial visit, he decided to go to Westbrook Centre on his own and soon changed his mind and has continued to attend.

As he had bought and fitted some laminate flooring but didn’t have the funds for further decorating materials, we  supported AD in applying for a Personal Fund grant to buy paint and brushes for his flat which made a huge improvement.

AD has started to help others at ARC, still attends Westbrook and is undergoing dental treatment which should soon provide him with a lovely new smile! Best of all he is actively pursuing routes back into employment via The Works.

He has also improved his relationships with friends and family and has started to go out and socialise with a new set of friends from ARC.

Earlier this year, AD entered a local photography competition and was delighted to win, his work now taking pride of place at Stockport Homes Cornerstone office.

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