Spaces of Hope

On the 29th January, members of TPA’s People Helping People team attended Spaces of Hope at the Rose walker Centre in Stockport.

Spaces of hope is a project designed to bring together organisations, groups and venues in Stockport who provide spaces that bring socially isolated and vulnerable people together to collaborate and swap ideas with each other.

As an alliance who proactively work to bring isolated individuals, whether due to health, mental health or their economic situation into their wider local community via groups and activities and our Community Anchors project, we hope to work closely with Spaces of Hope as it develops its work within Stockport and the surrounding borough.

One of the ways that Spaces of Hope encourages organisations and venue providers to get to know each other is through the sharing of stories. Here Pam Robinson describes Friendly Fridays, a new community initiative in Cheadle Heath 

More on Friendly Fridays


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