Mark Emery-Community Connector

Mark Emery- A day in the life of a TPA Community Connector


A Community Connectors role can change from day to day, one minute I could be attending a local strategy meeting with the council and the next minute I am sat in a café with someone who would like to access Community Groups or activities.

The role is a dynamic role and this normally involves maintaining regular contact with a variety of different agencies is the Marple and Werneth area. These agencies can range from small Arts and Crafts Groups being delivered by volunteers to well established support groups such as The Dementia Support Group which is held every Friday Morning.

The day normally starts around 8.30am where I check my laptop for emails or any updates from different groups or agencies. I will then respond to those that are required and make any phone calls to service users or professional that may have left a message.

I normally try to arrange any visits to people in the Morning as this appears to suit people more, if I have already met with someone the visit will include review their personal plan and checking any progress. Visits will normally be carried out in the Community, places such as Startpoint , Marple Library, Romiley Life Centre and where appropriate the person’s home.

We will discuss an individual’s strengths and interests and look at how we can match them best to the Community Groups, local to them. Some people are fine with me just providing information and advice on what local to them where as others will prefer more long term work in building up there confidence and empowering them to attend groups or activities that suit them .

I will always explain to people that everyone is individual and what suits one may not suit another so each Goal and Personal plan will come from them and if one thing does not work we try another.

I work closely with the Keyworkers in my team and this has proven to be very beneficial for my role as it helps identify people’s needs as well as gaining an insight into someone’s background. This helps in motivating people to become involved in the service as well as the connector being made aware of any barriers that may be need to addressed.

As well as the Keywork team I work in partnership with a variety of different agencies in the local community and on a monthly basis I will attend a TAP (team around the place) meeting where all agencies in the area meet to discuss ideas and strategies in supporting the local community.

There is no set place of work for the Connector and I will normally spend my time either in Memorial Park or Stockport Homes catching up on admin and any necessary research for people. I also spend one day a week covering Log in for my team which gives me the opportunity to catch up with any administration that is needed.

It’s difficult to explain my role day by day but the example I have provided below does provide a good insight into the work involved as a connector –

Morning –

Plan weekly diary

Respond to emails and phone calls

Speak with customers and other professionals

Carry out a various different visits in the community.


Afternoon –

Visit agencies and groups in the area, promoting TPA and Community Connector Role

Attend Multi agency meetings where appropriate and deliver a talk on the role of Community Connector.

Attend Stockport Homes or Memorial Park to maintain positive working relationships with agencies as well as sharing appropriate information.

Attend training where requested.


To summarise each day as a community connector is different. This is another reason why I enjoy the role so much. It is about making sure that I can meet the needs of the community as well as delivering an effective service which supports individuals in achieving their own personal goals.




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