Kate* came to work with The Prevention Alliance through our British Sign Language drop in.

“When my mum and I first came to the office and we met you, we were gobsmacked over what you could do! We had no idea this service was here, and it’s changed everything. We felt like we had been fighting for lots of things for so long and now we had someone on our side who knew what to do…”

When Kate first visited us, she had no benefits in place and she and her husband were living between 3 addresses. She was 4 months pregnant, and the family needed to be in their own home before the baby was born.

“I don’t think we would be where we are now if we hadn’t worked with you. We wouldn’t have moved so quickly, and I wouldn’t have my benefits. There was so much pressure on me when we first met, and you helped to take some of it away – I felt so much better, and things have improved even more since then.”

Kate and her husband are now settled in their own flat, with the right benefits in place. Kate’s baby was born not long after they had moved to their new home, and they are managing really well as a family. Their son is now 4 months old, and thriving!

“I’m feeling so much more confident now, you made it so much easier for us – and now I know where I can go for help, and I also know what I can do too!”


*Kate’s name has been changed.

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