Stockport Christian Counselling

Stockport Christian Counselling was set up in 1989 by a group of local Christians. In 2009 satellite services were set up in Gorton and Salford with the help of local Christians.

We offer counselling services to all people 16 years of age or over who feel in need of help when life’s difficulties make it hard to cope.

We are a registered charity and are staffed entirely by volunteers: trained counsellors; professional supervisors; administrative staff; receptionists and a management committee.

Our counsellors are men and women who have trained and studied to obtain recognised counselling qualifications.

Confidentiality is an essential part of the counselling process.

We also offer training and support to groups on counselling related issues.

Stockport Christian Counselling abides by the B.A.C.P. & A.C.C. Code of Ethics.

Contact us on 0161 428 7388

More information on our website here



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