Talk Listen Change

Our mission is to help build healthy and happy relationships in all areas of your life.

Our vision is of a society where people enjoy good emotional wellbeing and personal resilience; supported by positive relationships.

We tailor support according to what you most want to achieve and the way in which you want to engage with us.

We support every type of relationship. We can help you to have a better relationship with yourself, with your partner, previous partner, between families, friends, school, an employer or with in your community. We want everyone to enjoy healthy and happy relationships.

Please call us on 0161 872 1100

We offer free counselling for Stockport Homes tenants. More information  here



Happify helps people to overcome stress and build resilience through a series of fun games and exercises. According to the publicity 86% of users of this app feel happier within two months.

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This app, designed to teach you how to meditate, is available in both free and premium versions. Free access includes the Take10 10-minute meditation program, while subscribers get access to Headspace’s full content collection on a variety of wellness topics. You can...

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United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)

United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) UKCP exists to promote and maintain the profession of psychotherapy for the benefit of the public, throughout the UK. They produce a National Register of Psychotherapists and only psychotherapists who meet their training...

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Stockport Psychological Wellbeing Service

Stockport Psychological Wellbeing Service Stockport Psychological Wellbeing Service service offers one-to-one support and structured courses for anyone experiencing common mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. It is available to anyone who is...

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Stockport Christian Counselling

Stockport Christian Counselling Stockport Christian Counselling was set up in 1989 by a group of local Christians. In 2009 satellite services were set up in Gorton and Salford with the help of local Christians. We offer counselling services to all people 16 years of...

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Beacon Counselling

Beacon Counselling Anyone, at any point during their life, may face mental and emotional health problems. Our services can help individuals dealing with trauma, crises, or those struggling to cope with the stresses of life. People can transform and grow through...

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Stockport Mind

Stockport Mind Mind will help anyone in Stockport, aged 16 - 65, who is suffering directly or indirectly from mental distress or illness. They offer friendly, accessible support and information on local services, medications,...

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Stockport Women’s Centre

Stockport Women's Centre Stockport Women's Centre provides services to any woman who is in need of support. This includes women who have experienced or are experiencing domestic violence. Due to the nature of the work membership is...

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Stockport Advocacy

Stockport Advocacy Stockport Advocacy  focuses on the promotion of equality and human rights of people with a learning disability. They cover many different issues from community care and housing to child protection and family courts and...

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Stockport Without Abuse

Stockport Without Abuse  The aim of Stockport Without Abuse is to provide accommodation, support and advice for women, men and their children experiencing or fleeing from domestic violence. They have a purpose built Refuge building and a...

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Samaritans Stockport Samaritans provides confidential, non judgemental, emotional support, 24 hours a day, to anyone experiencing feelings of distress or despair, including those which could lead to suicide. This service is offered by...

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Stockport Suicide Prevention

Stockport Suicude Prevention We care about you and want to support you while you have suicidal feelings, if you are concerned about someone else, or have been bereaved due to suicide. We want to help you find what help is...

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Wellbeing and Independence Network Stockport

Wellbeing and Independence Network This new network of services will provide practical help to adults who would otherwise find it very difficult to organise the support they need to remain independent and well. 0161 480 1211 More......

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Stockport Access and Crisis Team

Stockport Access and Crisis Team The access and crisis team is the single point of referrals to mental health services for adults. This team includes consultant psychiatrists, social workers, assessment workers and primary care mental health workers. We triage, assess...

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Healthy Stockport

Healthy Stockport A range of health and lifestyle advice for Stockport residents. Also run weight control and smoking cessation sessions More...

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START The START is a free and confidential service for anyone aged 26 or over who wants to access drug and/or alcohol treatment in Stockport. It is the first point of access into all treatment services in Stockport.

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Stockport CAB

Citizens Advice Stockport Citizens Advice Stockport advisers provide generalist advice to thousands of people every year in the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport. Our advisers also provide advice in specialist areas like debt and employment. Advice is independent,...

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Alliance for Positive Relationships

 Alliance for Positive Relationships APR is about preventing domestic abuse and looking at different methods to support families. This includes working with men, women and families who are involved with domestic abuse incidents. 0161 477 4271...

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Five Ways to Wellbeing (Android)

5 Ways to Wellbeing Live life to the full with this easy to use Five Ways to Wellbeing app. It offers a practical way to help you feel good and function well in the world. Reflect on your wellbeing, set activities to help you improve your wellbeing and track your...

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Alzheimer’s Society online forum

Alzheimer's Society Online Forum Stockport Council's guide to disability services in the borough.   More......

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